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Great Seal Eagle Paperweight

A true collector's item, this limited edition paperweight features the seal of the United States hand-painted with 23 karat yellow gold leaf and 12 karat silver gold leaf on pewter. Meticulously designed and handcrafted by a New England artisan, each of the 500 limited edition desk jewels is numbered, signed by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. 3-1/4” in diameter x 1-7/8” high. (Item #1579)


Statesman Turquoise Swirl Burlwood Ballpoint Pen

Swirling patterns of luxurious Amboyna burlwood intermingle with varying shades of turquoise-colored resin to create a writing instrument that is a work of art. The ends, center band and clip are made of titanium with a platinum finish. Embossed patterns on both ends of the rollerball pen and around the center band add an elegant finishing touch. The cap screws securely onto the barrel of the pen when closed and onto the top of the pen when opened. This exquisite writing instrument is expertly handcrafted by a talented USA artist. Because each pen is handmade, there will be variations from the pen pictured in the photo. Includes an ebony-colored wooden presentation box with a glass windowed lid for showcasing the pen. The presentation box may be engraved. The pen measures 5-1/4" long when closed, 6-1/4" when open; and the presentation box measures 8-1/2" x 5-1/4" x 1-3/4". (Item #2307)


Presidential Eagle Paperweight

Designed and handcrafted by a New England artisan, this artistic paperweight features the head of an eagle hand-painted on a pewter base and covered with a crystal dome pressed from Victorian-era molds. Made in the likeness of a paperweight presented as a gift to an American president, this 3-dimensional eagle faces head-on. The gold-leaf beak and eyes give a regal intensity to this exceptional design, which is elegantly presented against a background of silvery blue dappled with gold leaf. 3-1/4” in diameter x 1-7/8” high. (Item #1581)


Celtic Motif Ballpoint Pen

A Celtic knot pattern is embossed on the antiqued golden metal clip and the borders encircling the cap and bottom edges of the barrel of this handmade pen. Topping the cap is a kelly green acrylic dome, which gleams when light passes through it. The barrel is made of smooth resin that forms a beautiful pattern of browns, blues and creams, which may differ slightly in appearance from pen to pen.The cap twists to advance and retract the ballpoint cartridge. Handmade in the United States, the pen measures 1/2" in diameter x 5" long when closed. (Item #2493)


Oval Morning Glory Paperweight

Turn the desktop into an art gallery with this beautiful, oval paperweight designed and signed by artist Scott Potter. Each nature-themed crystal masterpiece features a design of purple morning glories and striped pears decoupaged against a gold leaf background. 3-7/8" x 2-5/8" x 3/4". (Item #2014)


Iridescent Feather Paperweight

Graceful golden swirls in feather-like designs decorate the top of this exquisite art glass paperweight. The iridescent, metallic, blue-green color of the paperweight forms a breathtakingly beautiful image. Created by a master craftsman from the USA whose works grace museums, galleries and private collections around the world, this mouth-blown art glass paperweight is signed and dated by the artist. 2-3/4" high x 3" in diameter. (Item #2502)


Azure Blue Mosaic Jewelry Box

This exquisite jewelry box was designed by a talented artisan from the United States. A mosaic tile design made of hand-shaped, azure blue, Italian glass tiles; beads; millefiori; and metal decorates the lid. This is a work of art that will be treasured for its beauty, as well as for its usefulness for storing jewelry associated with valued memories. The inside and underside of the box are lined with black velvet. A removable tray features slots for earrings and rings and two sectioned compartments for smaller items, while the storage space underneath the tray will hold larger jewelry. A mirror is affixed to the underside of the hinged lid. 8-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 5" high. (Item #2509)


Azure Blue Mosaic Picture Frame

Concentric rectangles of iridescent azure blue glass tiles, etched metal squares and faceted green and blue beads are embedded into this beautiful black frame. Silver-tone leaves accent the four corners of the display area. This exceptional frame was crafted by a talented artisan from the United States. The frame measures 8-1/4" x 10" with a display area measuring 4-1/2" x 6-1/2". The frame may be displayed vertically or horizontally. (Item #2510)


Cobalt and Emerald Artglass Pinwheel Paperweight

The pinwheel design, glowing colors and disc shape make this artglass paperweight truly unique. Bright cobalt blue and emerald green colors create an undulating, pinwheel design inside the clear crystal paperweight. The disc-shaped paperweight has one flat side that allows it to stand upright. There will be slight variations from the item photographed since each item is handmade. Handcrafted in the United States, each is signed and dated. (Item #2380)


Chocolate Impressionists Paintings

The world's most beautiful candy bars. Gourmet chocolate candy that looks like master works of art - almost too beautiful to eat and yet too tempting to resist. Each chocolate bar is made from a blend of rich gourmet chocolates, "painted" with FDA-approved food coloring. Both the painting and the frame are made of chocolate. 6-1/2" x 8-1/2". Net Wt. 16 ounces. Choose from 2 styles, sure to please the chocoholic art lover:

Chocolate Van Gogh Iris

Chocolate Van Gogh Iris

Reproduction of impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh's Irises. (Item #0473)


Chocolate Monet Water Lilies

Chocolate Monet Water Lilies

Reproduction of impressionist painter Claude Monet's Water Lilies. (Item #0474)


Ginger Blossom Domed Paperweight

From the design studios of creative artisan Scott Potter, this gloriously beautiful paperweight brings a breath of fresh air to the desktop. This hand-signed crystal masterpiece features a ginger blossom design decoupaged against a gold leaf background. The dome-shaped paperweight measures 3-1/2" in diameter x 1-1/2" high. (Item #2013)


Scott Potter Gilt Orchid Decoupage Collectibles

These breath-taking works of art are designed and created by an artist whose works have been admired and collected by royalty of nations and of Hollywood. Scott Potter left a successful career in ballet to establish his own design company. His decoupage combines gold, platinum and colored gilding with images from beautiful handmade papers from around the world. With a style that brings a sense of graceful movement to otherwise static objects, his technique elevates the art of decoupage to achieve exquisite pieces with a rich, noble look. Each piece will be treasured as a collectible heirloom. Each of the items pictured below features purple and gold orchids against a gold-leaf background. These stunning pieces will serve as a focal point for home or office decor.

Gilt Orchid Decoupage Urn

The clear crystal handles and base of this unique decorative urn beautifully complement the gold-leaf and floral design. 5" high x 4-1/2" in diameter at the top and 2-1/2" in diameter at the base. (Item #1659)


Gilt Orchid Decoupage Decorative Bowl

Whether used as an elegant decorative accent, as a serving piece for gourmet treats, or to hold poutpourri, this decorative bowl will be a treasured heirloom. 8-5/8" in diameter x 1-3/8" high. Gold ribbed rim is 1-1/8" wide. (Item #1661)


Gilt Orchid Decoupage Decorative Plate

This exceptional work of art serves as a beautiful decorative accent for home or office. 12-1/8" in diameter. The gold ribbed rim measures 1-1/2" wide. (Item #1662)


Gilt Orchid Decoupage Fluted Dish

With gracefully sloping edges, this fluted dish makes an eye-catching way to display business cards or gourmet snacks. 6-7/8" x 6-7/8" x 5/8" high. (Item #1663)


Secret Garden Decorative Desk Box/Coasters

Designed by artist Scott Potter, this decorative desk accessory functions as either a set of two coasters or a box for holding paperclips, small mementoes or jewelry. A delicate flowering vine is decoupaged against a pale yellow-green background on both the inside and outside of the top and bottom of the lid. A different flower (one pink and one white) is featured on each side. Vertical ridges cut into the sides of the box add interesting detail. May be used to hold small desk accessories or jewelry. 3-5/8" x 1-7/8" high. (Item #1893)


Secret Garden Scalloped Vase

Inspired by ornamental artwork of 18th century English castles, talented decoupage artist Scott Potter created this collectible vase. Delicate, flowering vines with pink petals and white, bell-shaped blossoms decorate the white, sloping sides of this fluted vase. The scalloped edge at the top of the vase is edged with gold. 7-7/8" high x 5-5-/8" in diameter at its widest point. (Item #1894)


Jeweled Napkin Rings

Elegance and sophistication are the hallmarks of these designer napkin ring sets. Each set of four napkin rings is beautifully presented in a burlwood-style, octagonal presentation box lined with golden satin. Each metal napkin holder is decorated with sparkling, faceted crystals. The presentation box measures 7-1/2" x 7-1/2" x 2-3/4". Made in the USA.

Jeweled Napkin Rings - Open

Silver Snowflake Jeweled Napkin Rings

Layers of sparkling clear crystals of varying shapes create a snowflake effect on the center of each silver-tone napkin holder. The snowflakes each measure approximately 1-1/2" in diameter. (Item #2184)


Silver Panther Jeweled Napkin Rings

Black, marquis-shaped crystals form the slanted eyes of the silver-tone metal panther head decorating each napkin holder. Clear crystals cover the regal panther head, which measures approximately 1-1/2" x 1-1/2". (Item #2185)


Amber Glow Gold-Leaf Frame

With subtle glamour, amber-colored sparkling crystals decorate this gold-leafed frame, adding understated elegance to a favorite portrait. The frame measures 12-3/4" x 10-1/8" with a display area measuring 9-1/2" x 7-1/2". (Item #1896)


Phoenix Rising Ballpoint Pen

This unique pen, handmade in the United States, captures the symbolism of the phoenix rising - from the flame-like designs embossed in the antiqued golden metal bordering the tip, to the lifted wings design near the top of the pen. The clip has a feather-like pattern, with a marquis-shape, amber-colored crystal at the end. Topping the cap is an octagonal amber- colored crystal. The barrel is made of smooth resin in a rust-red color resembling burning embers.The bottom border twists to advance and retract the ballpoint cartridge. The pen measures 1/2" in diameter x 5-3/8" long when closed. (Item #2494)


Crystal Starburst Frame

Sophistication mingles with a minimalist approach in this unique, wooden desk frame. The outside edges of the frame are delicately weathered for an antique touch. Starburst-shaped designer crystals brightly border the photo area. The square frame measures 6-1/2" x 6-1/2", with a display area measuring 3" x 3". (Item #1897)


Hollywood Nights Jeweled Frame

With vintage glamour, this exceptional jeweled frame looks as though it might have been discovered among the treasures of a Hollywood film star of the 1920's. The dark brown, weathered frame, with its understated, antique-looking ambiance, sets the stage for glamour to emerge through rainbow-colored, multifaceted crystals mounted on the copper-colored border of the portrait display area. A jeweled, flower-like broach in hues of lavender and periwinkle adorns the copper-tone lavender bow at the top of the frame. Measures 10-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 1" with space for displaying a 5" x 7" photograph. (Item #1898)


Southwest Arrow Ballpoint Pen

Handmade in the United States, this unique pen is crafted with a Southwestern theme, including native American designs embossed in the antiqued golden metal at the top and bottom edges of the pen, a clip in the shape of an arrow, and faux turquoise beads decorating the end of the arrow clip and the center band and top of the pen. The barrel of the pen is made of dark brown resin with decorative iridescent swirls. Since each pen is handmade, the resin pattern may differ slightly from that pictured. The pen twists to advance and retract the ballpoint cartridge. Measures 1/2" in diameter x 5-1/2" long when closed. (Item #2495)


Animal Theme Card Holders

Combining art and function, each of these business card holders features a design that is both ethereal and edgy. A raised, charcoal-colored, rectangular design frames the artwork on the lid of each pewter-tone card holder and a coat of clear acrylic protects the artwork. Each measures 3-5/8" x 2-1/4" x 3/8" and holds approximately 20 business cards or 5 credit/ID cards. Handcrafted in the USA. Choose from 3 styles:

Night Dragonfly Business Card Holder

A glittering, dragonfly with multi-colored, translucent wings is painted against a sundial design on an olive-green, parchment background. (Item #2264)


Blue Butterfly Swirl Business Card Holder

A shimmering butterfly, in vibrant shades of blue, graces the lid ever so daintily. Close examination reveals that the black background that makes the colors of the butterfly stand out is actually a design based on the Snellen eye chart. Artful golden wisps add a touch of whimsy to the design. (Item #2265)


Regal Peacock Business Card Holder

A regal peacock with feathers in hues of periwinkle blue and and green perches on the branch of a flowering fruit tree. Glitter dusts the feathers and branches, lending mystical sparkle to the scene. (Item #2266)


Circuit Board Ballpoint Pen

A unique gift for the IT professional, this pen is handmade in the United States from a real computer circuit board, which is wrapped around a brass tube, then cast in epoxy, yielding a 3-D image. The glossy golden metal top, clip, tip and rings above and below the circuit board beautifully accent the green circuit board and black barrel. Since each is handmade, the circuit board pattern may differ slightly from that pictured. The pen twists to advance and retract the ballpoint cartridge. Measures 1/2" in diameter x 5-1/4" long when closed. (Item #2496)


Gold Leaf Damask Desk Accessories

With elegance and panache, these crystal accessories serve as beautiful decorative accents and also have a multitude of potential uses for home or office. Each is hand-signed by designer Scott Potter. The gold-leaf background serves as a rich accent for the swirling, black and white feather-like designs on each. Made in the USA.

Scott Potter Gold Leaf Damask Desk/Vanity Accessories

Gold Leaf Damask Covered Jar

Useful for holding desk or vanity items, candy or other edibles. 4-3/4" in diameter x 5-3/4" high. (Item #2199)


Gold Leaf Damask Tray

May be used as a business card or paper clip holder or as a resting place for other small desk-top or vanity items. 4-7/8" x 3-1/2" x 1/4". (Item #2200)


Jeweled Tuxedo Frame

Star light, star bright … Like the star-filled, clear night sky, this stunning wooden desk frame shimmers and sparkles--even on the sides! Scattered crystals glimmer against the satin-like black finish of the frame. The frame measures 9-1/2" x 7-1/2" with a display area measuring 4" x 6". (Item #1899)


Jeweled Damask Frame

This chic, wooden frame features a whimsical damask pattern hand-painted in silver against a classic white background. Small, delicate crystals border the picture area to add a special touch of elegance to this graceful frame. Measures 10-1/2" x 8-1/2", with space for displaying a picture measuring 5" x 7". (Item #1900)


Sierra Sunset Ballpoint Pen

Multi-colored resins create swirling patterns on the barrel of this artfully hand-crafted pen. Above and below the resin design are bands of metal with a mirrored, gun-metal finish. Completing the look of this stylish pen are the glossy golden metal accents, which include the top, clip, tip and rings above and below the resin design. Since each is handmade, the resin pattern and colors may differ from those pictured. The pen twists to advance and retract the ballpoint cartridge. Measures 1/2" in diameter x 5-1/8" long when closed. Made in the United States. (Item #2497)


Spa Recipes Menus and Music

Spa Recipes Menus and Music

Favorite recipes from celebrated spas and soothing classical piano music. Making use of fresh, wholesome foods, talented chefs provide home cooks with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner menus from some of the best spas in North America. These are satisfying dishes that retain the flavor of gourmet cuisine while minimizing fat and excessive calories. Also included are recipes for homemade facials, body scrubs, herbal baths, and other luxurious spa-style treatments. The recording of elegant piano music is a perfect accompaniment to dining, home-spa pampering and any relaxed activity. (Item #0694)

The Cookbook

Recipes from 21 contributors, including...
Canyon Ranch
The Peaks at Telluride
Chateau Elan
The Greenhouse
Golden Door
Rancho La Puerta

The CD

Nocturne, Chopin
Reverie, Debussy
Prelude, Ravel
Gymnopedies, Satie


Chocolate and Blue Rugby Stripe Frame

Alternating chocolate and light-blue stripes accented with a bold, brown satin bow give this frame a whimsical and charming look. Measuring 9-1/2" x 7-1/2", the frame has space for displaying a picture area measuring 4" x 6". (Item #1902)


Gold Leaf Federal Desk Accessories

These exquisite, handcrafted desk accessories with their patriotic theme are an excellent choice for special occasion and recognition gifts. Hand-signed by creative designer, Scott Potter, each crystal accessory features designs of American flags, eagles, and other patriotic symbols decoupaged against a stunning, gold-leaf background. Each is handmade, so there may be slight variations from the items pictured. Made in the USA.

Scott Potter Gold Leaf Federal Desk Accessories

Gold Leaf Federal Octagonal Plate

This octagonal-shaped plate can serve as an elegant decorative accent, or may be used to hold business cards or other desk-top items. Measures 5-1/4" in diameter x 1/2" high. (Item #2195)


Gold Leaf Federal Oval Paperweight

The oval-shaped paperweight measures 3-3/4" x 2-1/2" x 3/4". (Item #2196)


Gold Leaf Federal 10" Obelisk

Measures 10" high, with the base measuring 2-3/4" x 2-3/4". (Item #2197)


Gold Leaf Federal 12" Obelisk

Measures 12" high, with the base measuring 3" x 3". (Item #2198)


Jeweled Cabochon and Brocade Frame

Some picture frames can be as beautiful as the pictures they house. This wooden frame is a great example. Beautiful brocade ribbon borders the picture area, while jeweled cabochons surrounded with sparkling crystals adorn the corners. This simply stunning frame measures 10-1/2" x 8-1/2" with a display area for a picture measuring 5" x 7". (Item #1904)


Polka Dot Chic Frame

"Feminine elegance" describes this lovely wooden picture frame. Hand painted with cheerful pink polka dots against a black background, and adorned with a soft, satin bow, this frame would add chic style to any decor. Measuring 9-1/2" x 7-1/2", the picture area holds a 4" x 6" photograph. (Item #1905)


Pink Polka Dot Extravaganza Frame

This picture frame is an extravaganza of color and quite a beauty to behold! Featuring a vivid, lime-green background hand painted with bright pink polka dots, and a big green bow placed charmingly on the top, this frame will add whimsical panache to any room. The colorful frame measures 9-1/2" x 7-1/2", with space for displaying a 4" x 6" photograph. (Item #1906)


Jeweled Bronze Bookmark With Montana Stone

Jeweled Bronze Bookmark With Montana Stone

The perfect gift for the book lover who appreciates elegant accessories, this designer bookmark features an exquisite oval, rounded, artisan-created stone that is crystalline, sky-blue in color atop a bronze place holder with a clip that slides over the page. 6" in length. (Item #0476A)


Cocobolo Desktop Card Holder

Made of exotic, cocobolo hardwood and brass, this distinctive card holder is hand-crafted in the studios of New England artisans. The rich, grained wood adds a look of timeless elegance to the desktop. Holds 50+ business cards. Measures 3-5/8"wide x 2-3/8" high x 1-3/4" deep. Made in the USA. (Item #2271)


Black Leather CD/DVD Case

A classic way way to transport CD's or DVD's when on the go, this black leather, zippered case contains 10 protective sleeves. The smooth leather is soft to the touch. 6-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 1-1/4" high. (Item #0906)


NOW ON SALE $35.00

Antique Map Desk Accessories

With a glance, these antique map desk accessories elicit thoughts of travel, adventure and exploration, transforming the desktop into a reminder of discoveries of the past and opportunities for the future. Using masterful decoupage techniques, artisan Scott Potter meticulously creates these exceptional desk accessories using reproduction antique maps in muted tones.

Antique Map Domed Paperweight

The dome-shaped paperweight measures 3-1/2" in diameter x 1-1/2" high. (Item #2022)


Antique Map Oval Paperweight

With an oval shape, the paperweight measures 4" x 2-3/4" x 3/4". (Item #2023)


Antique Map Square Tray

This tray with raised edges measures 5-3/4" x 5-3/4" x 3/4". (Item #2024)


Shark Bite Stapler

For the executive who has no fear of swimming with the sharks, this metal shark sculpture with open jaws adds practicality and a conversation piece to the desktop. Designed by Jac Zagoory, the stapler measures 7" x 1-1/2" x 1-3/4" high. (Item #1105)


Dart Frog Desktop Card Holder

Dart frogs, made of lead-free pewter with a 24k gold finish and mounted on a rectangular base made of recycled glass, provide support for business cards on this unique card holder. The dart frog is an endangered species living in the tropical rain forests of Surinam in South America. Handmade in the USA by a company dedicated to quality, craftsmanship and a concern for the environment. 7" x 2-1/2" x 2-1/2". Holds more than 30 business cards. (Item #2280)


Jeweled Renaissance Candle Holders

With rustic elegance, these unique candle holders will inspire conversation as they light the room. Made of wooden sugar molds suspended in a wrought iron holder, the candle holders measure 6-3/4" high x 6" wide x 6" deep. A pillar candle in a metal cup rests inside each candle holder. Choose from two styles:

Jeweled Cross Renaissance Candle Holder

Decorated with an antiqued golden cross decorated with diminutive black crystals mounted on an oval, beaded medallion. (Item #1911)


Fleur-de Lis Renaissance Candle Holder

Decorated with silver-tone and gold-tone fleur-de-lis symbols of varying sizes and shapes. (Item #1912)


Caduceus Paperweights

With a crystal dome atop a pewter base with decorative detailing, this handcrafted paperweight magnifies the intricate, pewter caduceus symbol displayed beneath the dome. Choose from two styles, one with a background of black velvet and the other with a mirrored background. 3" in diameter x 1-1/2" high.

Caduceus Velvet Paperweight

(Item #1456)


Caduceus Mirrored Paperweight

(Item #1457)


Scales of Justice Paperweights

With a crystal dome atop a pewter base with decorative detailing, this handcrafted paperweight magnifies the intricate, pewter scales of justice symbol displayed beneath the dome. The banner above the scales of justice reads "Justice Equality Mercy". Choose from two styles, one with a background of black velvet and the other with a mirrored background. 3" in diameter x 1-1/2" high.

Scales of Justice Velvet Paperweight

(Item #1458)


Scales of Justice Mirrored Paperweight

(Item #1459)


Silver Expression Pen Holder

A narrow band of silver in a zigzag pattern delicately decorates this desk accessory. Each is hand-painted, so there are slight variations from the item as pictured. Use to hold pens, note paper or flowers. 3-1/2" x 1-3/4" x 4-3/8" high. [Pens not included.] (Item #1555)


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