I am returning a gift ordered from the Netique Gift Boutique.

Return Instructions:

Please Replace the Gift Provide an Exchange Provide a Refund to the Credit Card Used for the Purchase

NOTE: Refunds are not available for engraved items. However, if we have made an error in the engraving, we will replace the engraved item with a corrected version at no additional charge (once the incorrect item has been returned to us). If you are exchanging the gift for a different item, an adjustment may need to be made based on the difference in the price of the items involved.

Product Returned:

Exchange for the Following (if applicable):

Customer Information:

- My Name*
- My Telephone Number*
- My E-mail Address*

* ITEMS MARKED WITH AN ASTERISK must be completed so that the returned gift may be properly matched with your order or you may be contacted if additional information is needed to complete the return.

Shipping Return Information:

If the gift is being replaced, the replacement gift will be shipped to the shipping address on the original order, unless you provide a different address below.

If shipment to a different address is preferred, please fill out this section:

The following address is a residence a business

*The Shipping Address must be a street address. UPS does not deliver to post office boxes.

- Shipping Name
- Company Name (If applicable)
- Street Address and Suite
- City
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- Zip
- Telephone Number

Refund Information:

If a refund is requested, Netique will credit the charge account used to purchase the gift.

Reason for Return:

The gift is being returned for the following reason:

NOTE: If you are returning the gift because it was damaged, please let us know as soon as possible and save all of the packing materials so that we may file a claim with UPS. Thank you.


The following are the reasons for returning the gift (if not explained above) or are other comments about the gifts or services offered by the Netique Gift Boutique.

The Netique Gift Boutique appreciates your business. We hope you visit again soon.