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Compasses are often given as gifts to people who are embarking on a new phase or adventure in their life's journey, such as graduation, participating in a new product introduction, starting a new business, changing jobs or relationships, travel, moving to a new city, or retirement. Include a special message with well-wishes on the enclosure card or by engraving the compass.

Dalvey Compasses

Known for creating travel products that combine elegance and fine workmanship, Scotland's Grants of Dalvey has created compasses designed to allow today's traveler to explore with confidence and style. When terrain and weather conditions prove to be especially demanding, the robust and ergonomic design of the Dalvey compass is both easy to use and dependable. Each is a military-standard, liquid filled compass. The casing for each compass is made of highly polished stainless steel with the Dalvey logo embossed on the lid. Each compass is packaged in an elegant presentation case.

Dalvey Grand Voyager Compass

The newest version of the largest Dalvey compass features a half-hunter style fob case with a glazed window, which allows a view of the compass readings without opening the case. If a full view of all compass features is desired, the case opens by pulling up on the knob on top. The Dalvey logo appears on the back of this compass instead of on the lid, which has directional markers etched around the circular window. Measures approximately 3" in diameter x 1/2" thick.



Dalvey Sport Compass

The Sport Compass features contemporary detailing. The inside lid is decorated with a silver compass star design against a black background. Instead of an engraving badge, the outer lid has a Dalvey logo near the top edge, leaving additional space for engraving, if desired. Measuring approximately 2-1/2" in diameter x 5/8" thick, the Sport Compass opens with a push-button action.



Dalvey Compact Sport Compass

The smallest of the Dalvey compasses, the Compact Sport Compass measures approximately 1-7/8" in diameter x 3/8" thick. A push button opens the compass and the inside lid is stainless steel.



Desktop Compass and Magnifier

This unique desk accessory performs dual functions and serves as an attractive paperweight when not in use. The magnifying glass provides a handy way to read small type or inspect objects. The needleless compass features a face that rotates to show directions. The compass and magnifying glass pivot out of the base for use or into the base for safe keeping. The glass and compass each have a rim with ribbed edges, so that when both are folded in, the accessory looks like a cylinder with ribbed sides. The smooth top may be engraved. The underside is lined with protective felt. The magnifying glass and compass each measure 2-3/8" in diameter and the casing measures 2-3/4" in diameter x 1-1/4" high. Available in two styles:

Gold Tone Compass and Magnifier

This version of the desktop compass and magnifier is made of gold-tone metal with a mirror finish.

(Item #2133)


Silver Tone Compass and Magnifier

This version of the desktop compass and magnifier is made of silver-tone metal with a mirror finish.

(Item #2134)


Captain's Box with Compass and Clock

Captain's Box With Compass and Clock

Made of piano finish, mahogany-colored wood, this diminutive captain's box contains a clock and a compass, each framed with brass bezels. The box measures 3" x 3" x 2-3/4" tall and the clock and compass each measure 1-1/4" in diameter. The underside of the box is covered with felt. (Item #0688)


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